Emak Bakia

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To all haters who said that Bryn Jones needed an editor for his output - well, here you have one, does this sound better to your ears than, say, Narcotic? Because it sure as hell doesn't to mine.

In all seriousness, this is quite an inoffensive, but rather unnecessary release. Most of it sounds like a version of Vote Hezbollah where all the intricate ambient textures were thrown away and the percussion patterns were remixed by someone else. And indeed, turns out that some three dudes from a label produced and mixed it instead of Bryn. And you know, it's not the case where a producer ruins the album by introducing a style that clashes with the artist's style (Swans' infamous The Burning World would be a good example), because here they apparently decided to play it safe, which is the most frustrating thing about it. Like, you have percussive loops from one of the weirdest and unusual artists in electronic music, and his fans are used to all kinds of sonic fuckery on his records. Why, just why  would you decide to turn it into a bland 4/4 kick house sound, as evident on Y.A.? Why not experiment a bit and make that into something else than half-baked percussive beats?

I should note that this is not completely bad, though - the second half of Emak Bakia is a bit better than the first one, and it does feature some nice chops such as the second Missing Tibetans and Lahra Salem. The third Y.A. is not bad as well, although the campy-ish bassline and the typical club drum machine does make it sound a bit awkward.  

Still, it's obvious that these guys at Concrete Records had no clue what Bryn Jones was all about.

reviewed by muslimgauze_reviews
Rate Your Music
(March 18, 2018)

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