Ryoji Ikeda Re-Mixs

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It's Bryn doing acid techno/dnb! it's really cool!

This album is a loose collection of tracks that are packed with catchy and dirty acid basslines, breakbeats and four to the floor beats that just make for a really consistent and fun listening experience that manages to keep my attention fully throughout, without feeling like it's dragging on. It's unclear how these are remixes of Ryoji Ikeda, the first 2 tracks i can absolutely hear one of his tracks at the very very end of the song, but other than that nothing else throughout the album. It's nice to see a collection of some of Bryn's acid output, since the times he seems to break out the 303 are few and far between.

The first and fourth tracks here particularly (they're untitled) have extremely catchy basslines and are fortunately the most long songs of the album, so provide that whole hypnotic effect Bryn's repetitive songs manage to instill in me. It was nice of Staalplaat to put this out, a nice little addition to the discography.

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November 3, 2020