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An album full of distorted bassy club bangers. It's fuckin awesome.

The track Shadow of Hope Diminishing is the absolute highlight here and definitely his most straight up danceable track yet. Listen to this one and tell me it doesn't make you wanna shake it fr!! Muta Safavid, Isfahanic Sheikh and Abode of Turquoize are all more examples of this amazing club vibe this record presents, making me wanna groove throughout. Insanely consistent throughout and repetitive in a way that makes all the songs extremely memorable and absolutely fly by, this one is definitely a gem. I'm honestly surprised it took the archivers this long to get this one out posthumously, since it's an extremely unique and very very very good album.

An essential for fans of Muslimgauze.

reviewed by StoneInFocus
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November 3, 2020