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What would Bryn Jones say about the current situation in the Gaza Strip or the now completely out of control conflict between Israel and the Palestinians if he had not died unexpectedly of rare blood fungus poisoning in January 1999? He would probably have further increased his workload in the studio and released 3 or 4 more CDs. In the last years of life (and beyond), a real flood of Muslimgauze releases appeared, which dealt almost exclusively with the Middle East and the cause of the Palestinians. In the early 1980s, the young Bryn Jones, from Manchester, started his project E.g Oblique Graph his first musical attempts in the fairway of the ever increasing industrial movement, which, however, were not quite as thematically defined. A little later, however, the name was changed to Muslimgauze and although he initially also dealt with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Algerian war, the Cuban Missile Crisis or the time of martial law in Poland, the name Muslimgauze ultimately became a symbol for a very specific pro-Arab sound and a certain stubborn political attitude. His archaic-monotonous and bone-dry industrial ragga dub quickly found a worldwide circle of listeners and fans who fanatically collected every release and were ultimately responsible for the hype that took place in the 90s and the inflationary CD flood around Muslimgauze. That they weren't always just musical masterpieces should be more than understandable, but it is all the more exciting to find the pearls or to discover the subtle differences in sound garments somewhere between ambient and aggro beat. Contrary to the level of awareness of the project, the person was behind it, because Bryn Jones was an absolutely shy guy in leather sandals who gave only a few concerts and interviews, but was hardly suitable for legends in his normal nature. After his death, the release mania continued unabated thanks to almost inexhaustible archive recordings, and yet most of his albums are sold out, no longer available. After Vinyl-on-Demand, in 2006, made the complete work of the previous project E.g Oblique Graph available again, as a double LP, the same thing is happening 8 years later with the complete early work of Muslimgauze. The truly monumental black box with a silver (ed. or gold) embossing called "Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones" comprises the tape 'Opaques' on a total of 10 LPs, the 12" 'Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye', the 7" 'Hammer And Sickle' and the albums 'Kabul', 'Buddhist On Fire'. Thus, the years 1983 to 1988 are completely covered and available again in the discography of Muslimgauze, whereby VOD Records subscribers still receive the 10" 'Coup D'etat' as an exclusive bonus. Musically, you can follow the development of Muslimgauze very well on the 10 LPs of the box, such as the initially rough loops from Arabic samples and percussions, which become more and more smooth, or the few synthesizer sounds disappear completely over time. Anders Peterson's mastering deserves a lot of praise, because the sound sounds really bold and clear, which one would not have expected with the starting material, which was more likely to be included in the Lo-Fi process. As always, the Pallas pressing of the 10 LPs is beyond suspicion and these are integrated in a hard-bound book cover, as were the excellent retrospectives of Clock DVA and John Bender on VOD records. There is also a massive slipcase, which also contains a thick book about the history of Muslimgauze + Best Of CD and is also available individually in a print run of 400 editions. This richly illustrated book can already be described as the Bible for Muslimgauze disciples, because it comes up with a lot of previously unknown background information and continues to offer interesting interviews with contemporaries, colleagues and fans of Bryn Jones. A large poster with all Muslimgauze publications and a certificate complete this impressive Opus Magnum!, which is limited to 500 copies. After full enjoyment, I am now ready for the next intifada!

reviewed by Marco Fiebag
Black online Magazine (July 22, 2014)
Translated from German with the assistance of Lingvanex Translator

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