The Rape Of Palestine

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Well god damn!! This has honestly blown me away.

This is super early on in his discog, so i didn't really have the highest expectations but this album has such a unique and quite frankly beautiful (which i never thought i'd say based on the title) atmosphere throughout, it's really something to behold! the first track combines a super lowkey beat with amazing flute and ambience in the background, and is honestly absolutely serene. The track A Nation also is just straight up ambient, and really quite great ambient at that. The last 2 tracks are more beat-focused and while the sounds are relatively dry and amateur sounding in themselves, this release provides so much more charm and atmosphere, as well as captivating ambience than something like Iran does, feeling much more focused and sure of itself than that did. Whilst Bryn never really did anything like this again, it is pretty accessible and i'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some accessible material from him!

Check this one out, a real underrated gem.

reviewed by StoneInFocus
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The Rape Of Palestine  Uzi Uzi (The Rape Of Palestine) p(compilation)

November 3, 2020