Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk

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At first it seemed more like a collection of sketches rather than a full-fledged album, but I ended up enjoying it to a great extent. The mysterious, textured ambience of previous works here is completely thrown out of the window, and this time Mr Jones provides us with some relentlessly harsh, minimalistic and explosive beats.

Can't really do a proper track by track because it appears that my (downloaded from who knows where) copy of the album has some track titles confused with others, but some things to note:

Abdul's Halal, Harijana and Rouge Amin Fraction offer some hyperactive, jerky techno beats, with the trademark Muslimgauze tendency of rhythms randomly stopping only to start again a second later. The whole ordeal is very stripped down, and contrary to the majority of Muslimgauze records, there is a minimal amount of middle eastern instruments, and no spoken word samples at all, except for a random female voice loop on a couple of tracks.

Another favorite is Takfir Wa Higra, whose distorted-to-hell beat sounds like something which Death Grips could've taken a hint from. Hell, it's not hard to imagine MC Ride spitting verses over the thing.

There are some intentionally ugly and borderline unlistenable tracks - The Iranian Who Found Allah, for example, is 8 minutes of one drum sample which in some places jumps to such distortion levels that you have to wonder how the equipment survived that. Same goes for the last few tracks - it sounds like the album is slowly falling apart, with the tracks becoming increasingly noisy and distorted to unholy levels, until everything manages to fall apart completely and ends with a minimalistic digital drone in the last track.

If you're not a fan of noise and distortion (god, how many times have I used the word "distortion" in this review yet?), then skip this one, but I loved it. Great for listening while taking the metro, as the recording levels are so high that they manage to overpower any other sound within your surroundings.

P.S. As a Russian, I was mildly amused by the fact that this record is titled after Uzbekistan, our bordering country. I don't think I've ever seen Uzbekistan mentioned anywhere else in western music.

reviewed by muslimgauze_reviews
Rate Your Music
(Jan 25, 2018)

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September 20, 2020