Abyssinia Selasie

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Abyssinia Selasie

Staalplaat -   (May 26, 2020)
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parts of Abyssinia Selasie were originally released by Staalplaat, 2015


  1. Abyssinia Selasie   (4:17)
  2. Benzedrine Wallah   (1:58)
  3. Arab  (5:40)
  4. Mind Of A Suicide Bomber  (6:42)
  5. Negative  (2:44)
  6. Amira Kadal Srinagar  (3:42)
  7. Mea Culpa  (8:26)

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Bandcamp notes

Tracks 'Arab' ,'Negative' and 'Amira Kadal Srinagar' are also on the album Syrinjia. ('Amira Kadal Srinagar' is presented here in a longer version).

'Negative' share the same voice on 'Negative of Ethiopia' (Baghdad).

'Abyssinia Selasie' very close to 'Holy Man' (Syrinjia) or 'Negative of Ethiopia' (Baghdad).

'Mind Of A Suicide Bomber' has same rhythm as 'Nommos' Ghosts' (Nommos' Return).


The track list was taken from the listing Bryn supplied Staalplaat.

Argument has it that the correct track listing should be:

  1. Abyssinia Selasie
  2. Abyssinia Selasie (Short Version)
  3. Benzedrine Wallah
  4. Arab
  5. Mind Of A Suicide Bomber
  6. Negative
  7. Amira Kadal Srinagar + Mea Culpa

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