Staalplaat Subscription

Please note that the subscription series is no longer available.
This page is posted here for information purposes only.

Staalplaat have a successful series of Muslimgauze limited edition releases. They have already released many of these items and they have included "Tandoori Dog" (a four LP box set), "Box Of Silk And Dogs" (a nine CD box set), "Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme" (a CD packed on a table tennis paddle), at this point they are all sold out. But more are planned, and they too will be sold out quickly, probably in pre-sale.

Subscribing will be your chance not to miss anything! The subscription enables you to be sure of getting all the "Muslimlim" releases, which might otherwise be gone before you have heard about it. Last but not least there are subscription only releases!

How does this subscription work?

You can pay any amount above 50 euro and they will send you every new Muslimgauze limited release on Staalplaat at a price that is 1,5 euro lower than their retail price.

With each new release you should get a statement showing how much money you have left, and related Muslimgauze info.

To subscribe!

Send in the following information:

Name, Address, City, State / Province, Country, Postal Code along with subject: Muslimlim subscription and payment information (the amount and method).

How to pay?

Postal Address.

Staalplaat, P.O. Box 11453, 1001 GL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Subscription items released so far
(in order of release - all are single CDs except where noted)

  1. Izlamaphobia (Muslimlim 001) CD
  2. No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel (Muslimlim 002) CD
  3. Azzazin (Muslimlim 003) CD
  4. Return Of Black September (Muslimlim 004) CD
  5. Zealot (Muslimlim 006)
  6. Minaret-Speaker (Muslimlim 005 , available to subscribers only) 7"
  7. Deceiver (Muslimlim 008) CD
  8. Fatah Guerrilla (Muslimlim 009) CD
  9. Azzazin 2 (Muslimlim 007) CD
  10. Tandoori Dog (Muslimlim 010) CD
  11. Sandtrafikar (Muslimlim 011) CD
  12. Zuriff Moussa (Muslimlim 012) CD
  13. In Search Of Ahmad Shah Masood (Muslimlim 015) MiniDisc
  14. Mullah Said (Muslimlim 018) CD
  15. Fedayeen (Muslimlim 019) MP3
  16. Melt (Muslimlim 020) MP3
    Fedayeen & Melt are not subscription items, though they were originally intended to be. They've been listed here because of the catalogue numbers.
  17. Re-mixs Vol 3. (Muslimlim 017) CD
  18. Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme (Muslimlim 016 - special packed CD on a table tennis paddle) CD
  19. Box Of Silk And Dogs (Muslimlim 013) 9 CD Box Set
  20. Azad (Muslimlim 022) CD
  21. Unfinished Mosque (Muslimlim 023) 12"EP
  22. Baghdad (Muslimlim 014) CD
  23. Ayatollah Dollar (Muslimlim 024 - available to subscribers only) CD
  24. Jebel Tariq (Muslimlim 025) MP3
    Jebel Tariq is also not really a subscription item. It has been listed here because of it's catalogue number.
  25. Your Mines In Kabul (Muslimlim 026) Tpl-CD
  26. Muslimgauze (Muslimlim 028) CD
  27. Kashmiri Queens (Muslimlim 030) CD
  28. An Eye For An Eye (Muslimlim 029) LP
  29. Sarin Israel Nes Ziona (Muslimlim 031) CD
  30. Iranair Inflight Magazine (Muslimlim 021) CD
  31. Red Madrassa (Muslimlim 032) CD
  32. Jebel Tariq (Muslimlim 033) CD
  33. No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel: The Remix (Muslimlim 034) CD
  34. Devour (Muslimlim 027) CD (as yet unreleased)

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