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Having read a small amount about Muslimgauze (previously E.g Oblique Graph) I felt compelled to purchase the "Hammer and Sickle" EP when I came across it in the local Virgin bargain bin. As I have an avid interest in percussion and Bryn Jones, the sole force behind Muslimgauze is almost uncompromising in terms of originality, the grooves of the record left me wanting to know more about Bryn and his product\. The following is the result of some questions I sent Bryn...

How do you work/record as Muslimgauze?

All material is written as it's recorded, I use an 8-track studio for one day, turn on any equipment they might have and play it as it's recorded. Nothing is written down, I own no equipment to stay flexible, I use the studio equipment or hire what I need. I work with no one and never will. The material is mixed by myself with the engineer.

How does this differ from your E.g Oblique Graph stuff?

Well, it's far better, this material was recorded at home, but was written in the same way.

What inspires you, what other artists, percussionists do you admire?

Admire, nobody, inspiration is self motivated, Throbbing Gristle pushed me into aligning sounds together, nobody has come near to them, their power etc. I don't think you can find any reference to any other bands in the music of Muslimgauze.

What instruments/equipment do you use?

Well as I've said I own no equipment, it seems if you buy a piece of equipment it's out of date the next day. I use the equipment in the studio a synth, drum machines, tapes, I do take in bits of metal, glass, plastics what ever.

What material is available from you?

Well here goes;

all inc postage

Hunting is the new one and the best, it's a mini LP.

What future projects are you working on?

At the moment I've just recorded two tracks for two compilation LPs. I'll start working on the next record quite soon, improving hopefully.

What ideas, ambitions do you have for the future?

Ideas for the future are political

Well that's just a few.

Ambitions for Muslimgauze are for better records, reaching more people, but for that a record label would have to release them, and that is very unlikely.

This interview originally appeared in Elephant Weekly fanzine no.4 (1984).

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